An explanation would be nice

Please, be very welcome my very personal laboratory, in which I plan to pour my thoughts about something that’s been running through my mind for quite a long time now. Not a long time ago, whilst I was discussing this matters with some aquintances, I needed to quickly set a convincing yet precise name for it, in order to avoid making the wrong impression on them. Capitalismo eco-social (I first named it in Spanish), or Eco-Social Capitalism, English version (hence the very name of this blog).

I consider a straight-forward explanation to be pointless, even counter-productive for a variety of reasons:

first, and probably the most imporant, I still don’t have a clear vision of where I sense this journey would take us;

second, if I just wrote a post with everything I’ve got in mind, what would be the fun in writing a blog?

and third, in an article many things can be said, but through the way a blog works, every idea that dares to cross in our path can be explored in-depth.

However, with the sole purpose of avoid losing my potential readers, I’ll give you somewhat of an advance.

Recent -and not so recent- History has shown us that capitalism neither in the original Adam Smith’s layout nor in the one of modern neo-capitalism works, at least not completely. I see no point in wasting time or space here to enlist all the flaws, extensively treated by renowned authors [way too much wing-sided, but Carlos Taibo’s En defensa del decrecimiento is a nice work to read]; as for the goal of this post, common knowledge about the matter will suffice. Despite all the previous , I still can see the brilliance of the system.

So, how is my idea of capitalism any different from the current statu quo machine? Because I have really serious concerns about two more subjects apart from pure economical greed: social issues (please do not get confused with socialism) and ecology (no, I don’t wear 10-inch-long beard, big round glasses or flared jeans, and no, I’m not hippy).

The point is, how these three blend together? That’s exactly what I mean to find out…