I’m really glad you are reading this words right now. That means I somehow managed to arise some sort of interest in the by-product of my thoughts. In these “Down to work” series I’m going to look over the three elements that make up our theory, namely: capitalism, social concerns and ecology.




It’s time we start laying down the foundations of the so-called “E-S Capitalism theory”. Now, which parts or elements of neo-capitalism diserve to be saved? Without any intention at all of trespassing into economists’ or philosophers’ respective fields, capitalism, as I see it, is one of the various possible ways of organizing the economical activity. I have two main arguments I’d like to share:

  • Creative, hard-working people are the ones who eventually achieve “success (arguably this term is very very subjective, but let’s keep it simple): my point is, given the current state of things, someone who has a great idea -of any kind- and makes a display of willpower strong enough, will become successful. Of course, there are many legitimate arguments against this (luck, available opportunities depending on the birth place, family resources, …), but still, there is a wide array of outstanding stories out there (Angus Deaton tells us one in the preface of his work The Great Escape (recommended at all times), that show that is possible indeed. I would like to remind my readers that this is not about criticising Capitalism; instead it’s about collecting the ocasional good things it might have.
  • Greed is goodif you’ve seen Wall Street (1987) you know what I’m talking about (a great film indeed). Nevertheless, I’m not referring to that kind of greed, but to a different one: I call it hunger (reference: Steve Job’s Commencement at Stanford in 2005). It’s some sort of thirst for success that pushes people forward, ultimately leading them beyond the breaking point. Unfortunately, in today’s world the currency within success is not personal fulfilment nor self-achievement, but money; so this is what we are looking to.

[I’m noticing that all these ideas might be a little bit messy; that’s why I’m going to ask my reader to be patient: it takes time to fit it all the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, but when they finally do, a beautiful image shows up.]

So, it’s about making money through great ideas, networking, personal skills, leadership, teamwork, financial backup, economics of scale, exports, … Let’s put aside all this concepts for a while, because they’re going to be the first ingredients of our pie.


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