In the meantime

It’s been now a long time since the last post, but I’ve kept finding utterly interesting things around the 3W, and as it suits the subject and purpose of this blog, I find rather appropriate sharing them with you.

Let’s start with renewable energies. I assume that at some point you’ve read or heard sea is an untapped energy source. Indeed, it contains an incredibly high amount of energy, but both engineers and experience say that it’s very difficult to transform that energy into something we could ultimately use to obtain electricty or any other kind of usable source of everyday energy.

Until now, tidal, wave and ocean winds were the main electricity-generating technologies. Some examples:

Pelamis wave farm
Tidal power plant in France
Wind turbines in Norway






A few days ago, however, I found an exciting new way of producing electricity out of wave power. It’s called Wave Star, and the corporate website claims that “the concept was created by two sailing enthusiasts around 16 years ago. Let’s have a look into this concept:

Visual Tour of the Wave Star Machine (opens in a new)

For further info, you can watch this video here, about the company and the technology used by Wave Star.


Lets move on to the second item I wish to show you. If Wave Star is aimed to power around 400 households (for a plant consisting only of 20 floats), this gadget is only meant to charge your phone, tablet or any similar device. Its name is Bioo and it’s been designed by Autonomous University of Barcelona and Ramon Llull University students, in partnership with the startup Arkyne Technology.

The concept is quite simple: get electricity from the normal metabolism of a plant. The tricky part is how to realize this idea. Well, they managed to! It seems that it’s all about the plantpot. The upper part is like any of your plantpots at home, with the soil and the plant itself, but what’s new is the base of it. It contains some sort of biological cell which produces a decent amount of electricity (5.0v, 1.0A). I’m sure that this video explains it way a lot better!

The startup launchpad Indiegogo website has the rest of the information.

Thanks for reading!


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